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2020 NWSS Excitement!

Recently I received the Grand Champion Catch-a-Calf (CAC) title at the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) in Denver, Co. I had to complete many tasks throughout the course of the year which included sponsor letters, progress forms, a record book, speech, and an interview. Not only have I made some amazing connections with others in the beef industry, but I have made some amazing new friends. I can say with 100% confidence that this is one of the best programs I’ve ever been a part of.

The CAC program is the longest consecutive running-youth development program at the NWSS and started in 1935. Forty kids from Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming participate every year. Each participant catches a rodeo calf during the NWSS rodeo in January which makes them a CAC participant; they then return in May and receive a steer sponsored by an individual, family or civic organization. My sponsor was John Brown of Oberlin, Kan., and he traveled to six of my shows. He was the most supportive sponsor ever.

The CAC program was so much fun and so memorable. I’ll forever remember the hundreds of hours I devoted to my Red Angus steer “Milo.” We made a good team and he was a great steer to work with!

If you would like more information on this great opportunity, feel free to contact me or visit the CAC webpage at

—Sheridan Chaney

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