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Each book is full of captivating and fun color photographs with easy-to-read text geared toward preschool and elementary-aged children. All books have been nominated and have received "Ag book of the Year" recognition as well as "Accurate Ag Book" honors.  

All nine books are written by Rebecca Chaney and twin daughters, Rianna and Sheridan. The girls hope their experiences with agriculture and ranch animals will help children understand the importance of farmers and ranchers and the role they play in food production.


9 Book Package
Get all nine books in one package! "Little Star... Raising Our First Calf", "Mini Milk Maids on the Mooove", "Star Become a Mother", "Cowgirl Up! Lets Go Ranching", "Our Star Goes West", "Farm Life... We Live It, We Love It", "It's All About That Beef!", "Ranching - It's All About Family", and "Better Together..."Digging It" with Dairy & Beef".


$90.00 + Shipping


The book that started it all! Discover the joy of raising a calf through the eyes and experiences of twin girls Rianna and Sheridan. 

This book is the second book in a children's agricultural education book series by five-year-old twin sisters Rianna and Sheridan Chaney and focuses on the dairy industry.

$12 each + Shipping

$12 each + Shipping


Rianna and Sheridan Chaney experience ranch life up close and personal with Libbi, Landri and Lindsi Loos on their ranch in America's Heartland. 

$12 each + Shipping

Star's new story traces her move across the country and her new life on a ranch in south central Nebraska. Rianna and Sheridan share their experiences with ranch life and get help from the cowboys and cowgirls on the ranch.

$12 each + Shipping


In this endearing third book, the girls see Star become a mother herself, and watch as she nurtures her newborn calf that the twins immediately name “Starstruck." 

$12 each + Shipping

"Farming... We Live It, We Love It" features many of the experiences Rianna and Sheridan have had with farm and ranch life. The book includes how they help their parents with the cow/calf operation; a look back at their experiences when they were younger with newborn farm animals like piglets, lambs, chicks and goats; how they've learned about harvesting wheat, soybeans and corn; and how being 5th generation farmers is a legacy they are proud to continue.

$12 each + Shipping

"It's All About That Beef" begins with Rianna and Sheridan helping their Dad on the ranch as they tell their story from "Pasture to Plate." This book features an early spring pasture burn as a grass management tool, a cow/calf operation, a backgrounder (stocker feeder), visits to Adams Land & Cattle Feed Yard, a tour of a Cargill Beef Processing and Fabrication Facility to see how beef is processed, how the twins use beef by-products and finally a stop in HyVee Grocery Store. The book wraps up with the beef community giving back and Rianna and Sheridan doing what they love best — helping the All American Beef Battalion feed the Wounded Warriors Steaks at a Healing Waters Fly Fishing event! You will Love this book. 

$12 each + Shipping

This book not only introduces several new ranching practices like calving sheds and solar panels to pump water, but it highlights the many faces of the American Ranch Family — showing our incredible faith, community, work ethnic and above all, commitment to the land, cattle and product we produce. “Ranching — It's All About Family” features two kinds of families, a five-generational ranching family in Torrington, Wyoming (the Ochsners) and our Cross Diamond ranch family in Nebraska made up of several families working for the Ford family. 

$12 each + Shipping

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Better Together..."Digging It" with Dairy & Beef, Building Healthy Bodies & Brains is the ninth book in our Chaney Twins' Ag Series. This book focuses on the importance of incorporating dairy products and beef into our diets. It highlights nutritional facts easy for kids to understand while learning about dairy and beef operations. "Better Together... "Digging It" with Dairy & Beef, Building Healthy Bodies & Brains" features three sets of twins to tell the dairy and beef story with new photos and storylines that have not yet been featured in previous books.

$12 each + Shipping

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