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Better Together..."Digging It" with Dairy & Beef, Building Healthy Bodies & Brains is the ninth book in our Chaney Twins' Ag Series. This book focuses on the importance of incorporating dairy products and beef into our diets. It highlights nutritional facts easy for kids to understand while learning about dairy and beef operations. "Better Together... "Digging It" with Dairy & Beef, Building Healthy Bodies & Brains" features three sets of twins to tell the dairy and beef story with new photos and storylines that have not yet been featured in previous books.

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We are Rianna and Sheridan Chaney, twins from Elwood, Nebraska who live on 3,500 acre ranch where our dad works for Cross Diamond Cattle Company, who specializes in Red Angus beef cattle. The two of us also share an 18-head herd of Hereford cattle, and we enjoy exhibiting our cattle and swine in competitions. The ag industry is a major part of our lives and promoting our ag educational children's books to get our message out to the public is very important to us.


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